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A new horizon in monitoring technology.

The most advanced 360° intelligence platform.

3 Good reasons to trust us


360 ° monitoring

ViJump’s technology offers a multi-source,  multi-format and multi-language exhaustive search; including real time video content and textual data. Our 360° web diagnosis increases responsiveness and is time-saving in order to transform your business’ way of monitoring data.



ViJump helps you configure your campaign for more relevant results. Our Discovery feature automatically searches for the most relevant sources, keywords and topics to configure your campaign. It then adds up to previously analyzed campaign data, back-ups to compare and create key performance indicators. Pair this with our advanced configurable dashboard to optimize your business strategy decisions.



ViJump offers a powerful and secure application programming interface (API) so you can easily integrate our technology and features with limited impact on your existing IT solutions.

Video Content Intelligence (listen, analyze and alert)

Never miss relevant data hidden inside video content. Our cutting-edge technology allows you to pull and analyze sound and images inside videos. This tells you exactly where to pay attention based on your pre-established keywords and searches. Save time by focusing your efforts and maximize your reactivity to efficiently drive your strategy.

All the sources in one tool


Our tool detects all video content.

Social networks

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… What is your preference?


Analyze all radio soundbites with ViJump.


Our tool monitors all streaming contents.

Blogs & Forums

Stay on top of what influencers have to say about your brand.

Press Releases

Keep an eye on the latest news about your products or your competition’s new releases.


ViJump. Your best business partner.