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The new dimension of media intelligence technology

Most advanced 360° monitoring platform.

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Video analysis

Approach the world of video by monitoring the most influential video content. Our advanced video content analysis technology combined with our innovative integrated player will power you with the ability to quickly navigate through targeted content for an outstanding efficiency!


360 ° monitoring

Conscious of the importance of a complete analysis, ViJump monitoring also keeps an eye on the textual data to offer you a 360 ° diagnosis of the web. Exhaustivity through multisource and multiformat, responsiveness and time savings will transform your business via this new monitoring approach.


Relevant KPI

With our data backup, you can easily stock up the useful information responding to your needs. Even better, this feature compares old data with new crops to emerge key indicators and allows you to make the best decisions to optimize your strategy.

Video Content Intelligence (listen, analyse and alert)

Don’t miss anymore relevant data hidden inside of videos. Save humongous time by focusing on your work and maximise your reactivity.Videos are becoming the main communication channel. It becomes urgent to pull and analyse huge volumes of videos to drive efficiently strategies within organisations.

We are adding another dimension to the text information gathered already today by allowing organisation to access  the real content of videos. Thanks to all those new data gathered without pain, you can finally take the best decisions at the right moment.

All sources in one tool


Our tool detect all content which provide from TV.


Social networks

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… What is your preference?


Important source like radio must be analyse. We do it !


Monitor streaming content and their many information.

Blogs & Forums

Many influencer’s talk about your brand. Positively or negatively?

Press releases

News on a product or a competitor, keep an eye on press releases report.


Our values

Innovation first.

New approaches in the monitoring world

Focused on innovation, ViJump works every day to leverage information through a platform  easy to use, efficient and that creates value to companies. Combining technical and strategic expertise, we respond to many entrepreneurial and social issues by offering solutions built around artificial intelligence. Recognizing the importance of data, we are constantly striving to innovate by integrating new features for faster and more complete information capture. Our monitoring system is based on video analysis as well as text processing bringing to the market a new concept, nonexistent until now.

Social responsibility.

Hate tracking with militant associations

Fully committed to our society, we promote values of respect and multiculturalism by collaborating with some militant organisations that track hate.

With LICRA, organization which fights against racism and antisemitism, we are fully engaged to contribute in the improvement of our society. ViJump provides a new way to track hate and is a really game chenger for associations that fight for a better world.

Team work.

Team work and quality of service, fundamental values of our company

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

ViJump values are first based on our people. Emphasizing teamwork and encouraging our staff to collaborate help us to maximize our effectiveness to provide a better service.

Quality of our monitoring platform is based on our understanding and listening of our clients. We always take into consideration each remark to improve and build the best solutions for your business.

You are our priority!

Greatly ambitious.

Bring new solutions to new issues

Turn towards the future, ViJump is daily involved on new issues by bringing thoughtful and successful thinking in order to attend to your future needs. Mixing innovation, social responsibility and sense of service, our company constantly trying to grow around ambitious new projects.

ViJump. Your best business partner.

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