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Covid-19: sign of the emergence of digitalization

With the arrival of new technologies, new communication methods have appeared, and thus new ways of operating within companies.

The digitalization is an iterative process which has been present for a few years. It is a way for companies to attract new customers and allow employees to work differently.

However, this gradual transition was not sufficient for a large number of VSE/SMEs in the face of Covid-19.

The arrival of the pandemic rapidly changed work habits, forcing companies to implement remote working solutions in order to cope with lockdown and limit the decrease in revenue.

“In the post-Covid-19 society, we will undoubtedly see the acceleration of this increasingly digital world, especially for companies in their relations with their customers and leads.” (La tribune)

Companies are suffering greatly from the impact of the pandemic. Very few of them were prepared for the arrival of such a crisis, and working methods had to be quickly rethought. Many people believe that the pandemic has revealed weaknesses in the digital strategy in their places of work. Indeed, implementing a digital strategy in a hurry is a difficult task: teleworking and videoconferencing are not second nature to many.

However, digitalization is essential to ensure the development and sustainability of any company. It is a tremendous source of opportunities and business development. Adopting a monitoring tool will allow the organization to have the right information at the right time, to understand its market in order to make effective strategic and operational decisions. It is an essential means to protect its brand or monitor its environment.

Vijump gives this possibility to have a real time and automatic monitoring of information that has repercussions on the political, economic and social environment of the time.

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