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The buzz and its impact on your reputation

A study of Samsung Galaxy S10

With the release of the latest Samsung Galaxy, Samsung had to live up to consumers expectations. Indeed, each product of the South Korean brand raises many criticisms from buyers (both positive and negative).

Marques Brownlee, a famous Youtuber, made a review of the Samsung Galaxy S10. During the 10 minute video review, we only hear praises from the American saying he was very impressed with Samsung’s new creation.

It is for one of these reasons that we are now proposing a tool with the ability to detect bad/good buzz videos such as those of Marques Brownlee to alert the company in real time. ViJump monitoring automatically analyzes the comments in order to extract the main trends to increase the performance of your company.

With more than 9 million views including 210,000 likes and 27,000 comments, this good buzz has generated many interactions that have reinforced (or not) users in their shopping intentions.

The good use of this data is, for a company such as Samsung, source of improvements and a better reflection in the development of its future products. This is only possible if you are able to use this video effectively.

So do not wait any longer and ask for a ViJump license!


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