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Video analysis, a competitive advantage for public relations?

Public Relations main goal is disseminating and communicating a specific message to a targeted audience. This in order to transcribe the image, the history and values of a company in order to capture the attention and arouse consumers curiosity.

A message is communicated mainly to inform the customer of a novelty or a future event, but many of them are reactively built following a bad / good buzz of the brand, the evolution of the economic or political context and public opinion trends.

This type of message is frequently found in video format, which keeps growing as a communication vector and taking a greater importance in everyday life.

ViJump Veille is based on an artificial intelligence concept that offers many features to build your messages around a fast and efficient video analysis. Thus, you will be able to optimize relations with your various stakeholders by benefiting from:

Real-time video detection that will alert you to potential bad / good buzz on your brand.

Comprehensive tracking of public opinion trends with our dashboard.

Agnostic media monitoring such as blogs, social networks, TV and radio.


Choose ViJump and videos will no longer have secrets for you!

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