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The new dimension of media intelligence technology

Most advanced 360° monitoring platform.

3 Good reasons to trust us


360 ° monitoring

Conscious of the importance of a complete analysis, ViJump monitoring analyses in real time video content and textual data to offer you a 360 ° diagnosis of the web. Exhaustivity through multisource, multiformat, multilanguages, responsiveness and time savings will transform your business via this new monitoring approach.



Let’s ViJump configuring your campaign for you! Our Discovery feature searches automatically the most relevant sources to assist you in configuring your campaign. Get suggestions of most relevant sources, key words and topics and enhance your campaign.

Localisation of the content, enhanced video and streaming content analysis, advanced configurable dashboards: we beleive that you need the best innovations to power your business.



Because we know that digital transformation need time and effort, we offer a powerful and secure api (applications programming interface) so you can benefit from vijump cutting edge technologies and features with very limited impact on your existing it solutions.


Access and use our technologies, do not change all your process!

Video Content Intelligence (listen, analyse and alert)

Don’t miss anymore relevant data hidden inside of videos. Save humongous time by focusing on your work and maximise your reactivity.Videos are becoming the main communication channel. It becomes urgent to pull and analyse huge volumes of videos to drive efficiently strategies within organisations.

We are adding another dimension to the text information gathered already today by allowing organisation to access  the real content of videos. Thanks to all those new data gathered without pain, you can finally take the best decisions at the right moment.

All sources in one tool


Our tool detect all content which provide from TV.

Social networks

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… What is your preference?


Important source like radio must be analyse. We do it !


Monitor streaming content and their many information.

Blogs & Forums

Many influencer’s talk about your brand. Positively or negatively?

Press releases

News on a product or a competitor, keep an eye on press releases report.


ViJump. Your best business partner.