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About Us

Our Vision

“90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone”*

21st century is the century of data. The world is moving faster than ever and companies have to make decisions by taking into account data on competition, market evolution, public perception through social networks, or political context. Ability to decide quickly becomes critical. In this context, our vision is that companies can’t aymore take decisions at the speed that would be required to face the new challenges they are exposed to.

New technologies as artificial intelligence and big data are the current solution to fuel company growth by providing the right information at the right time. ViJump can support the corporate world to focus on business and strategy using in the most relevant real time information.


*Source:  Forbes, 2018, Bernard Marr

ViJump in a few dates

Each problem has its solution

Due to massive video information flow, the search of specific content within video is very difficult. From this problem, Franck Tankoua, our CEO and CTO solved this issue by developping a “search inside video content” technology. Identifying various possible applications, he discovered that this technology could be useful for companies. It was in 2013 …

Time to create

 … Everything started in 2015 with the creation of ViJump, a platform able to analyse and to provide relevant information from video content found over the Web. Simple, efficient and innovative, this platform was the answer to support companies within the this new era of information.

New tool, changing the world

2 years later, VIJump started to  monitor video content for our first clients. We gathered the first feedbacks and improve the platform from a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to a reliable enterprise solution able to power companies with relevant data in real time. 2017 was also the year of the international expension to Montreal, Canada, city of artificial intelligence.

Second round

In 2019, ViJump released a new version of the tool, more advanced with new features and more available sources: TV, radio, streaming, blogs, social networks etc.

Following an award received by the “Quartier de l’innovation de Montréal” (Canada), the French region “Grand Est” granted to ViJump 100,000 € to support some innovation projects.

Award - Tango & Scan

The same year ViJump with the help of his partner LICRA won the TangoScan contest with a “Hate Tracker” project. From then on, ViJump managed to obtain the necessary subsidies to allow the realization of this project. At this time, substantial research and development were required to carry out the project.

Founder Team

Franck Tankoua

CEO & CTO – Co-founder

Ingénieur diplômé et spécialisé dans les mathématiques et l’informatique, celui-ci est aussi titulaire d’un master 2 obtenu à la CPE de Lyon, l’école supérieure de chimie, physique et électronique.

Damien Crevat

COO & CFO – Co-founder

Ingénieur spécialisé en électronique, télécom et informatique, Damien est également diplômé d’un MBA spécialisé dans la stratégie qu’il a effectué à Montréal.

Our values

Innovation first.

New approaches in the monitoring world

Focused on innovation, ViJump works every day to leverage information through a platform  easy to use, efficient and that creates value to companies. Combining technical and strategic expertise, we respond to many entrepreneurial and social issues by offering solutions built around artificial intelligence. Recognizing the importance of data, we are constantly striving to innovate by integrating new features for faster and more complete information capture. Our monitoring system is based on video analysis as well as text processing bringing to the market a new concept, nonexistent until now.

Social responsibility.

Hate tracking with militant associations

Fully committed to our society, we promote values of respect and multiculturalism by collaborating with some militant organisations that track hate.

With LICRA, organization which fights against racism and antisemitism, we are fully engaged to contribute in the improvement of our society. ViJump provides a new way to track hate and is a really game chenger for associations that fight for a better world.

Team work.

Team work and quality of service, fundamental values of our company

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

ViJump values are first based on our people. Emphasizing teamwork and encouraging our staff to collaborate help us to maximize our effectiveness to provide a better service.

Quality of our monitoring platform is based on our understanding and listening of our clients. We always take into consideration each remark to improve and build the best solutions for your business.

You are our priority!

Greatly ambitious.

Bring new solutions to new issues

Turn towards the future, ViJump is daily involved on new issues by bringing thoughtful and successful thinking in order to attend to your future needs. Mixing innovation, social responsibility and sense of service, our company constantly trying to grow around ambitious new projects.


ViJump has been able to distinguish itself in these last few years through different events by presenting its own vision of strategic monitoring. Its long journey is transcribed through several important dates. Back on these highlights…

The first one is the Start-Up Weekend organized in Basel during which ViJump  won the second prize in 2014. After that, in 2017, the Tango & Scan competition, where the young company from Strasbourg finished on the top step of the podium, thanks in particular to its close collaboration with LICRA. Then, ViJump has been rewarded by Damien Silès, Director of the Quartier of Innovation in Montreal, for its “Hate Tracker” project. Finally, through these multiple events, the company has collaborated several times with recognized entities such as French Tech’ Alsace and HEC Montreal.

Thanks to our partners !