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Monitoring Solutions

A solution for all business

Small Business

You do not have a dedicated monitoring team but your are still conviced that data is key to succeed and to develop you business?

We will manage you campaign for you and provide to you a turn key service adapted to your specific needs!


Larger Corporations

Support all your internal activities with data provided by ViJump. Let integrate our platform to your process and get the right insight at the right time for new opportunities. ViJump will train your teams so you can becaome autonomous and move forward to a new stage of digitalization for more efficiency and performance.

A new horizon to monitoring intelligence

ViJump Monitoring Platform

1• Campaign Configurator

Define your customized topics of interest to follow and get only the information you need. With ViJump equation of keywords, combine topics, keywords and stopwords to enhance the monitoring performance as no other solutions!

2• Discovery

Let’s ViJump configuring your campaign for you! 

Monitoring all the Web, our innovative “Discovery” module automatically search for you matching contents . This advanced technology provides automatic suggestions of most relevant sources, key words and topics to help you to enhance your campaign. 

Do not miss anymore what really matters to you!

3• ViJump Analyser

Wordclouds, social networks KPI, graphs, historical trends, top sources, top contents, top influencers… get all the analysis tools you need through a simple and comprehensive dashboard.

You need more? Bacause you have your own specific requirements, use Tableau and build your own interactive dashboard for a perfect match to your internal process.

4• Agnostic Approach

Videos, Streaming, Social networks, web sites, press releases, blogs, ViJump can listen and monitor whatever you want with a 360° monitoring approach. From a simple URL to a real time video streaming channel, you just need one monitoring tool: ViJump!

5• Automatic Alerts

Automatic alert will help you to focus on the most important. ViJump will notify you in real time through your smartphone or via email as soon as something is happening. We believe that you need to be aware before your clients and that decision making and action can’t wait!

6• Share & Report

Because data have no value if not used, ViJump provide easy and simple solutions to share the results of your analysis. Open Dashboard and Report Configurator will provide to you the means to share and act efficiently with your team.

Understand our product

ViJump teams will support your business for the best results

You have a monitoring need.

You have a business idea and you need to launch a product, your company is facing a crisis or you want to measure the efficiency of you marketing campaign, ViJump can provide to you the service you need.

We build your campaign.

It happens that timing becomes crutial for your business. For that reason, we beleive that we can help you by configuring your campaign for you. Our experts will ensure that you get everything you need very quickly!

Adjust and optimize.

We will adjust the campaign to ensure you get the data your need. Our experts will train you teams so your business will become more data centric and much more efficient.

With ViJump, you will focus on your business first!

Run and act.

With the right data at the right time, just act and make the best decisions for your business!

Two possibilities: We manage your campaign for you Or you become autonomous

New Toolambition

Helping you mastering ViJump is essential for us.

ViJump provides all what you need to accelerate your digital transformation. However, monitoring is efficient only by combining  an efficient tool with cutting edge technologies and a good knowledge of your business to optimise the tool configuration.

Our team will help you improve the relevance of your campaigns through the correct configuration and by taking into account the specifities of your business and your company.

Our experts will support your staff to use our advanced features to enhance the performance of your company. Ensuring that your teams become autonomous using our platform is one of our priorities. We commit to leverage our inovative technologies and the talents from your team for your own success.


Advanced features


Search and access all content

A feature that provides the ability to search very easily within your analyzed content as you would do on google, whatever the type content:TV channels, video, press releases, radio, social networks, web sites. Vitèque provides the ability to search very easily.

You want to be more specific?

Then use selected keywords, period filter, type of source, sentiments or trends to be more precise. Then just click on the found content and focus only on what is relevant!


Be on time !

Real time alerts on smartphone help you to be continuousely informed. With ViJump, you won’t miss any relevant information or any bad and good buzz!

Define your own criteria so you will be alerted only if it worth the value. Just define your topics of interest and relevant combination of thresholds and filters to be alerted on the right event at the right time in a simple way!

Player – Video content

Search inside video

Our video player allows you to navigate within hours of video content from any source very easily. It gives you a direct access to the most interesting extracts you need to focus on.

Stop lossing time searching; just click, focus on relevant content, analyse and use the data imediately to create value for your company!

Currently, the most advance search “inside video content” tool on the market.


Get insights per region!

Because each region is different, ViJump provides a localisation filter to understand a specific market, local public opinion and any other relevant information that could be impacted by localization. 

ViJump will give you the opportunity to analyse audience, views, interactions and sentiments on any topic from around the world. We beleive that centralizing and targetting your effort on specific region could greatly improve your actions!

Available sources

ViJump is the only platform that provides agnostic monitoring capabilities!

Whatever the type of source or content format, ViJump can analyse it and generate a comprehensive dashboard to help you to drive your business. We beleive that you should have only one tool because your efficiency is what matters to us!