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The LICRA : a strong collaboration, renewed!

A new momentum of solidarity.

A few days ago, the International League Against Racism and Antisemitism (LICRA) formalized its partnership with ViJump. The representatives of each organization agreed in order to fight hate speech which are often found inside videos and more specifically on the web.

“Video is no longer a haven for hate speech”

With the proliferation of video content, it was difficult for the association to detect all the racist and anti-semitic statements on this type of format. By partnering with ViJump, LICRA was able to have access to an innovative search tool based on artificial intelligence.

The tool has the ability to detect specific video content from keywords to easily find hate speeches and thus control it quickly with a much lower risk of spread.


A big THANK YOU to the LICRA representatives for their trust and willingness to move forward together.

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