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Monitoring, so essential ?

Do not let the information outclass us.

With the rise of digitalization and connected objects, the information content on the web has multiplied at an incredible speed, fuelled by social media networks, blogs, forums and other various sources.

So, how are companies able to scrutinize the internet data that concerns them?

The solution is simple, strategic monitoring. Having become the indispensable market of the entrepreneurial world, business intelligence is exploited and developed by many companies with the aim of quickly detecting, grouping and analyzing relevant data in a single tool.

Which finalities ?

Mostly, the purpose of such an innovation is to give companies the opportunity to adjust their strategies to optimize their future actions. Improving positions, increasing sales, protecting reputations; all of these goals are achieved through effective monitoring.

But yet not very anchored in companies ...

As explained by Mickael Balondrade, an economic intelligence & marketing of products and services expert, there are still many issues around the monitoring that limits companies.

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