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Strategic monitoring : a determining factor in your e-reputation.

The world is continuously submerged by information. But how do you know if this information is good for the reputation of your brand?


According to the “ultimate guide to e-reputation”, the management of e-reputation would gain in efficiency by the use of good quality strategic monitoring tools that avoid false detection and obtain information relevant to your interests.

A simple Google search is not sufficient to obtain a concise and holistic view of your brand’s reputation. This is why a media monitoring tool like ViJump can help you detect and further push your brand perception research for a full analysis.

Aware of the importance of selecting quality sources and words for performing an effective monitoring, ViJump offers you the Discovery function.


Choose a few keywords and let our ViJump Discovery Artificial Intelligence module find the best content for you and help you set up your campaign.ViJump makes it easy for you to focus on data analysis, actions and decision making.

Try out new Discovery tool and see for yourself!

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